The pop group Homeless in Hawaii are premiering their new song “Miss Innocent” with New Noise today, a sleek, pop-rock ditty about knockin’ boots. It’s straight-up about slapping the ugliest parts of our body together for no other reason then it’s fun as hell. Hammer one out with someone you like, and stream the video for this sweat-stained, shameless sonnet below:

As for the inspiration for the song, HIH had the following to say: “We wanted to embrace anthemic rock’s low-end groove with dramatic suspense uniquely inspired by ’80s slasher films”

And about the urgency of releasing this video and song on this date and time in history, HIH says, “Being one of our most fun songs and a band favorite, ‘Miss Innocent’ was made to be hook up culture’s anthem.”

Disclaimer: Listening to “Miss Innocent” will not get you laid … but it couldn’t hurt.

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