Let Hope Darling’s new video for “Lifeline” help you transcend the mundane and stay positive this week.

“‘Lifeline’ is a song about wanting to belong and feel connected physically and spiritually with someone or something greater than yourself,” says Gabe Sanchez, writer and lead vocalist. “The inspiration came after watching the foreign film Wings of Desire which was later remade into the U.S. film City of Angels. After watching the film, I thought to myself if I was the angel that gave up my immortality for love and then lose that love, would I still have that ‘lifeline’ to God?”

The singleLifelinehas been creating waves thanks in part to being featured in Spike Lee’s Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It. Along with local and national airplay, the song has seen the band soar higher than ever before, and things look set to keep on growing and evolving for the hard-working and dedicated group.

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