Orlando punk-infused death metallers Human will release their debut release, Delicacies of Extinction, on March 5 through Silence Is Death Music.

Taking their name from the classic Death record, Human wield a death metal sound that is uniquely heavy and defies easy categorization. On their debut full-length, the Floridian trio—with members of Khann, Cannabass, Dzaovits, Android, and Republicorpse—there’s an eclectic yet cohesively brutal beauty to their seven-track assault.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere the music video for the group’s latest cut from Delicacies of Extinction, the vicious “Days of Rage,” below:

On the inspiration behind the track and its accompanying music video, vocalist and guitarist John Farran states:

“It’s a protest song, a fuckin’ metal one. It’s about how the Palestinian and the Black American struggle although different, aren’t isolated. The oppressors not only use the same tactics, the same tear gas, and the same bullets, they also fund each other.

As a Palestinian growing up in the United States, I can’t unsee the parallels. The song is a call for unification. We can only overcome it by realizing our intersections, and this goes for all oppressed people throughout the globe. We aren’t distant strangers, and our enemy is the same. Power to the people.”

All sales from Delicacies of Extinction will be donated to Black activist organizations and bail funds for those fighting for Black lives.

Pre-order and stream Delicacies of Extinction here.

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