Icarus/Daedalus is new ambient and found-sound project of Trever and Charles Keith. Trever is possibly best known as the frontman of So-Cal, melodic punk band Face to Face, but upon joining efforts with his son, he has mellowed out into a quieter mode of music-making.

The project’s debut album Invisus, which translates to English as Undiscovered, evokes the sounds of the cosmos and the abstract notion of a limitless universe waiting to be filled with the fruits of the human imagination, a sentiment encapsulated in the form of eight caringly composed tracks.

Invisus was originally released this past April as a digital only release, but as of December 4, it received a limited run of 100 records on 180-gram, seafoam green vinyl through Antagonist Records.

New Noise is now very happy to premiere for you Icarus/Daedalus’s new Felipe Cunha directed video for the song “Ortu Solis” off of Invisus. When you are done enjoying the video, please scroll down for an exclusive interview with Trever Keith about his new record.

Below is a transcript of an interview conducted over email on December 15, 2020. It has been edited slightly for the sake of clarity.

Can you give us a quick history of how this project came together?
My son (Charles) came to me with the idea of us making music together. Of course I agreed!

What is your favorite part of working with your son?
I love working with my son because we get along so well, and we have a lot of similar music tastes. He keeps me from getting too set in my ways and introduces me to new music.

What were some of the places you traveled to acquire samples for this record?
Some random places like the airport in ATL, a conference in Las Vegas for the Skeptic’s Society, a church in San Jose, Costa Rica, a music festival taking place outside my hotel window in Sao Paulo, Brazil…

What are some unusual samples, or samples that you felt add something unexpected to the tracks that they were included on?
We pulled some samples from an old record from the 1950s called Sounds of the Orchestra to make a bass loop on Fragor Magnus (Exordium)” and a vibraphone sample on DionaeiAtmosphaera.”

What are some of the gear you’re using to process the samples and other sounds you’ve included on this record?
The guitars were played by us and were mostly from a 1970 Fender Jazzmaster and a Silvertone short scale guitar. Tons of soft synths mostly from Arturia and Mellotron, Clavioline, and piano.

What does Invisus mean, and why was it selected as the name for your first album?
We took it to mean “unknown.” It’s a loose translation, but it is meaningful to us because as the sounds for the record developed it started inspiring in our minds visions of the universe, space, and the origins of consciousness.

Do you think it would be possible to replicate this project in a live setting?
Definitely, although we haven’t given much thought to actually doing it.

Do you have any concerns that you may be courting disaster naming your project Icarus/Daedalus?
Haha! No, absolutely not. My son is more together than I am. The title is not meant to be literal. We liked the metaphorical implication of father and son working together.

What shows have you been binging during lockdown?
Right now I’m obsessed with Raised By Wolves on HBO Max.

Get a copy of Invisus in vinyl here.


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