Photo by JT Ibanez

Out August 21 on their Enemy EP, check out Inimical Drive’s “Reckoning.”

“After listening to the collection of songs in the studio, I think we knew that ‘Reckoning’ would not just be a single but the first song we would want people to hear,” says Joel Colby. “We felt the energy the song has would be the way to kick things off. J.T. Ibanez is a well respected video director that I’ve been following and has been killing it lately. He definitely captured that energy and brought it to the visual.”

‘Enemy’ was written as an outlet for Colby to tell a story of life experiences he’s endured in recent years .

“While there’s no particular theme to this EP, it is incredibly relatable, and I think the listener will feel the emotion in each song” says Colby. Inimical Drive’s directive with the EP is to keep their longtime passion for metal going strong and release their most progressive music to-date.

“The heavy is all there on Enemy, but we also wanted to make the music accessible without thinking too hard about the process. Everything on the EP was written amongst close friends, hanging out in the studio, with zero agenda and all just before the pandemic hit. The time is right to release this into the world; this is a reminder of how heavy music connects us all.”

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