Long beach speed and thrash group Celebrity Stalker have a new record out today. Year Of The Thief is out via Monster Media Records and we’re premiering a video for one of the cuts called “American Dream.” A politically-charged song about living in America has become damn near a nightmare for a lot of people.

Check out Celebrity Stalker’s video for “American Dream” below:

And if that wasn’t enough we also have an interview with the band, too! Check it out!

I know you all have said COVID has had a big impact on the band. In what ways were you all able to come back and persevere with this record?  
Jason– Covid was a big factor with this record as we were originally slated to release the record back in March. We had to cancel the release which led to a domino effect.

This record has actually had 4 release dates this year and we have had to re-schedule due to either Covid issues, label issues or just plain scheduling issues, the hits just kept coming.

It has taken a lot to finally get this record released and I think we learned a lot along the way. It’s easy to look at what this year has brought and be upset, but being able to learn and grow from this experience is fundamental for myself personally as an artist.

Larry “LP3” Prosser – The tracks were recorded and ready to go before the Covid Pandemic hit, once we were under lockdown, the timeline for the record release kept changing. It was hard on the band to know we had these great songs, and no one could hear them yet. We had the start and stop routine playing out, so we finally chose a date to stick with, and after all of the ups and downs of 2020, we decided to change the name of the album to Year of the Thief, because it has that type of year for all of us, not just Celebrity Stalker

What was the writing and recording process like for this record? 
Larry “LP3” Prosser – Jason and I write the songs for the band. I write 80% of the music, Jason writes 80% of the lyrics, Charlie comes in and helps us bring life to the songs with solid drum ideas and orchestration of the songs. The writing process for this album was the first time we attempted to have an album with an overall theme, or story. We usually write songs as they happen, and then we choose from those songs.  

This time, I contacted Jason, and laid out a plan to tell a story about the current turmoil in the USA. I wanted to make a mini rock opera if possible, the band supported this strategy to a certain point. I say a certain point, because I was trying to make it some grandiose statement; however, Jason who is a key song writer in the band didn’t have the same feeling for the story I was trying to tell. So, like all bands we collaborated and went to work, what we ended up with was better than I could have imagined, because it was a team effort. 

Charlie- Recording the drums is probably the easiest component of the whole process. Assuming we know how the song is written and arranged, the drum tracks go down in less than an hour per song. The guitars and vocals undoubtedly take the longest, and require the most overlays and tweaking. For me that’s the best time to take a nap well the sound engineer works their magic for that perfect tone and composition.

What are some of the major lyrical themes? 
Jason- Being the main lyricist in the band my words tend to lean towards looking at the inner self and finding ways to illicit thoughts and ideas that most people shy away from or ignore or maybe they just haven’t thought about things in the way I word them. I look to shock people a bit with the lyrical content. I like to throw some things in the mix that have a double meaning. Most people take things at face value and I like to make them look a bit deeper into themselves and think about who and what we are as individuals and as a whole.

Larry “LP3” Prosser – I wrote more lyrics for this album, then in the past, and the songs that I wrote have some very strong themes that matter to me. For instance,

 Thrill Seekers is a look inside the mind of a sociopath, that doesn’t really the trail of destruction they leave in their wake as they navigate life, only carrying about themselves, and their wants and desires. American Dreams talks about an important issue for me in regard to how much American’s work, and how little they get paid. I am a proponent of American Manufacturing, and supporter for the Middle-Class, because I think a blue-collar workforce helps keep the Middle-Class viable, and helps improve the lower and upper classes. Hatriots is a song that talks about how trampant Xenophobia actually hurts the country, and creates unneeded hatred for other people that are just trying to come to the USA and participate in the American Dream. The USA experiment is rooted in immigrants, every group of immigrants have been treated poorly, Irish, German, Italian, Mexican, etc… We have a very Xenophobic history, and it is not healthy for a country that is a big melting pot.

What was the process like for making the video for “Year of the Thief”?Larry “LP3” Prosser – Year of the Thief is the perfect name for how bad 2020 has been, so once we kept getting our release date pushed back, we saw Friday the 13th as a perfect day, for such an unlucky year. 

Why did you choose to release on Friday the 13th? Any significance there? 
Charlie- Well, there’s always been a deviant element Of twisted humor and horror in this band. Add to that, the fact that we actually have a “Jason”and it just all made sense. 

Any other exciting plans or info you want to announce? 
Larry “LP3” Prosser – We are currently focused on releasing the album, and playing small shows that are socially conscious in regard to the Pandemic. Supporting a new record in 2020 is near impossible, so we are going to do as much as we can online with live stream shows, and in small venues. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Jason- We are currently working on a single that will be out early next year. It is a song that has been highly anticipated by us, our fans and friends to release.
We are working of a music video for it as well and let’s just say it’s a song “Your Mom” will absolutely love. Stay tuned……

Photo by KameraGuyKev

Get a copy of Year of the Thief here.

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