We are pleased to bring forth the music video for “Arcadia” by South Carolina’s Ivadell. The song is the lead off track to For The Birds, released last December via Broken Circles. What makes “Arcadia” such an inviting listen is the trance like pace embedded in the foundation of the rhythm. It’s a pattern that spends its time playing out like an elegant dance, slapped together with melodies that are engrained in the ears — especially the refrain. The video highlights the band members with such clarity it’s as if I’m there being asked, “do you still love me?” The answer is yes, I do Ivadell.

“While on a southeast tour during middle of December, days after we released our EP For The Birds, we made our way across the south as far west as Lafayette to play a fest called “Sad Fest.” After our fist show we had an off day in Greenville, SC to meet up with our good friend/original drummer of Ivadell, Justin Nix. Long before Ivadell, Justin was always interested in photography and videography. It wasn’t until after he left that he became fully invested in videography and photography and turned it into a passion. That is one of the reasons we chose to work with Justin on our second official music video because he was already a good friend of ours and we already understood his vision and liked the quality of his work. “Arcadia” being the track to the video and the first song off the EP we wanted this video to contrast our last previous video for the song “Flickering.” The concept and story line worked out great with that song but with this new EP we wanted to portray a slightly more serious and developed vibe to accompany the track. The minimalistic approach we decided to take the video paired well with the location and lighting that created this natural unsaturated look. Rather than performing straight on to a camera, Justin took an outside approach that makes the viewer seem to be in a more fly on the wall point of view while giving focus to the instruments and rock performers.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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