Buenos Aires, Argentina-based experimental guitarist Javier Areal Vélez is preparing for the release of his debut solo album, rrrrrrrrrr tKtK, to be issued August 27 through Nefarious Industries.

To celebrate his forthcoming album release, Vélez and New Noise are showcasing the mind-bending 3D VR video for his latest single, “pong.” Watch below:

The first full video from rrrrrrrrrr tKtK features an evolving 3D VR landscape, animated by renowned Argentinian artist Gabriel Rud. Organic almost shapeless entities are born, flow in the void and disappear before you, reacting to the dry bouncing sound of Vélez’ prepared guitar. Check it out on your phone and move around to wander through this immersive microworld.

Speaking on the “poonG” single, Vélez offers:

“This is probably the shortest track of the album and the eeriest and ‘swingy’ one. I played mainly with a very tightly gated sound, which makes my rusty attack sounds and volume swells stand out quite dry against a quiet background.”

He continues about the immersive video for the song:

“Gabriel Rud is a kickass video artist who also happens to live three blocks from my house. We’ve collaborated in music videos a couple of times in the past. He’s developed a super personal technique of live 3D sculpting in 360 VR environments, so I just gave him carte blanche to work on the track in any way he wanted to.

The visual result I think it’s a great fit (or counterpoint) to the music. Very organic-like entities are moving around in the void, going back and forward, left and right, in the infinity. Interesting sync with the gated nature of my track, even though we never even talked about any of this.”

The seven tracks featured on rrrrrrrrrr tKtK were performed entirely by Vélez solo on prepared electric guitar. All pieces are improvised; there are no overdubs. The record was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Carlos Quebrada in Buenos Aires in 2019 and 2020, and completed with artwork by Areal Vélez.

Pre order rrrrrrrrrr tKtK here.

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