Josie Pace carries a commitment of style and artistry to her high-energy live performances, with an ever-present desire to give her audience something fresh, new and authentic. Her upcoming album IV0X10V5 will be released on Negative Gain Productions next month.

Watch the video for Pace’s latest single “Storm and Stress” below:

When musician and producer Ken Roberts saw an acoustic performance of Pace on Facebook, he was blown away, the raw and intimate performance captured the one thing all songwriters strive to achieve, “believability,” and he knew he had to work with her.

The two started working together with Pace’s songs as the foundation. As an accomplished guitar player, Pace molds and refines her songs acoustically only to tear them apart with Roberts’ unique production style and his ability to create dark beats with grinding synths that compliment Pace’s voice well.

Songs quickly formed into a unique sound that pull from the likes of Depeche Mode and IAMX yet contain a high-art, fashion swagger, as if you just bumped into David Bowie at a Halston Party.

On the track’s release, Pace states:

“The German ‘sturm und drang’ translates (literally) to ‘storm and drive,’ but is loosely translated to the phrase, ‘storm and stress.’ ‘Sturm und drang’ was an 18th century German artistic movement that expressed emotional unrest.

“There are people in my life that struggle with depression, anxiety, and addiction. I’ve lost friends to suicide, and my family grieves friends lost to suicide, some of which we had no idea were struggling. This song is the embodiment of my regret for not seeing that they were hurting.

“But it is also me trying to reach out to all of you. To say that I am here for you and there are people in your life that love you and would do anything for you. Absolutely anything to have you here, or to have you back.

“The lyrics constantly fight between wanting to help and not wanting to ask for help in fear of being a burden. I know that in my life, there are people that I would put aside everything that I’m dealing with just to help them and show them that they are wanted and they are loved. ‘Don’t tell me it’s the end; I’d lay down my life for you.’”

Presave and stream “Storm And Stress” here.

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