Video Premiere: Judas Knife – ‘The Years Go By Like Broken Records’

Judas Knife are sharing their new video, “The Years Go By Like Broken Records,” and look no further—You can watch it right here at New Noise.

The band feature members of Youth of Today, Into Another, Garrison, and Gay For Johnny Depp and delivered their debut album, Death Is The Things With Feathers, in September 2021. The New York-based duo features Sid Jagger (Joseph Grillo) on vocals, guitar, bass, and keys, with Drew Thomas on drums and percussion.

The band build their sound with dreamy, shoegaze textures and soaring vocals with tracks that dig deep into the scars of loss, abandonment, addiction, desperation, and loneliness. Their sound is dynamically catchy and moody, embracing a cerebral psychedelia, alongside guest guitar contributions from Kurt Ballou (Converge, GodCity Studios) and piano/keys from Justin Williams.

Sid Jagger chats more about the video and track, “The Years Go By Like Broken Records”:

“A cycle of loss permeates our existence, the challenge to repeat in the face of absurdity and oblivion is constant. This is my favorite song on the album, and having Michael work on it seemed perfect, as I am a huge fan of his work with Amusement Parks on Fire.”

Watch the video for “The Years Go By Like Broken Records” here:

For more from Judas Knife, find them on Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Judas Knife

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