New Noise are proud to premiere the latest song and video from progressive metalcore band Junexa. If you were into this stuff in the late-’00s and early ’10s, then “Lifeless” will really take you back to the days of Protest The Hero’s Fortress and After the Burial’s In Dreams. Who says they don’t make ‘um like they used to? Check out the video for “Lifeless” below:

“Lifeless” is the lead single and title track from Junexa’s upcoming EP, due out on October 31. As vocalist Noah Rich describes, “The Lifeless EP is a caricature of topical mental illness issues and the lifestyle surrounding managing these issues. It is a critical analysis of internalized feelings that we wanted to share with anyone who may want to listen.”

The EP was tracked and mixed with Justin Spaulding, who has also given life to albums by the likes of Ice Nine Kills in his studio in Syracuse, NY. Mastering was done by Shawn Christmas, who is best known for his work with Sleeping With Sirens on their albums Feel and Live Sound.

More from vocalist Noah Rich:

“This song is about being uncertain about the meaning of life and one’s position in the world. “Lifeless” is a technical track that has the most driven guitar work of the EP and showcases the ability to use both heavy atonal writing styles and a complementing melodic and atmospheric writing style together in a single song. That is the overall goal of the entire project.”

Photo by Junexa

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