Kari Kirkland recently released her debut album, Wild Is the Wind, a collection of contemporary songs and jazz standards arranged and co-produced by four-time Grammy nominee Shelly Berg and crossing musical genres from pop, blues, to even Latin and cabaret. Now, Kirkland is sharing the music video for the track “Break Your Heart.”

The song is an adult contemporary/jazz cover of the Taio Cruz song. Kirkland says the original hook resonated in her head with a “salsa vibe,” which she communicated to Berg, who immediately understood and embraced the idea.

The video focuses on the bond between humans and animals, which Kirkland says was intentional, in that she wanted to explore another sort of heartbreaker scenario.

“I rolled around the idea that we can fall in love so quickly and completely with an animal, even if we’re not expecting it. There had to be an element of a broken heart in the video, and my husband suggested the idea of finding a lost dog and eventually having to say goodbye. Since I am a volunteer at The Palm Springs Animal Shelter, I thought it might be an intriguing way to highlight animal welfare in addition to telling a really sweet story.”

The video also features a cameo Kirkland’s own cat, Sofie, at the end.

Kirkland was not always in the music industry; conversely, her previous occupation had her working as a flying trapeze artist, operating a circus school and events center with her husband in Seattle.

“Every waking moment was about managing events, producing large-scale circus shows, coaching hundreds of students, and running the school, so music took a back seat while we nurtured the business. After we sold the company in 2019, I had time to focus 100 percent on music.”

The pandemic allowed Kirkland to work on and release her debut album, and while she still loves flying through the air, she says, “I just do it a lot less frequently now!”

Kirkland is looking forward to recording her next album in the fall. In the meantime, you can buy “Break Your Heart” here, and check out the new video below:

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Keegan Williams is a freelance journalist and artist (they/them). Keegan is based in Los Angeles, CA and lives quaintly with their hairless cat, two model skeletons, and collection of creepy vintage toys.

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