New Noise Magazine is pleased to start off Monday with the video premiere of “Permanently Stuck in Small Town Limbo” by Kid, Feral. The Swedish act have created a tasteful music video of the things that happen in small towns and put it to a soundtrack of viciously screamed music. Charged with a pulsing bass and gnashing guitars, the song rarely gives the listener a chance to breathe with its energetic crashes. “Permanently Stuck in Small Town Limbo” will be off of an upcoming LP which will be out later this year via Dog Knights Productions.

“This song is (unsurprisingly) about being stuck in a small town and not having a prospect or a future. Just being frustrated and lost without an identity basically.

We really wanted the video to reflect this feeling of hopelessness and the attempts to break the cycle with a lot of stark contrasts. We also wanted to break away from the stereotypical “cool/angry/sad” vibe that a lot of hardcore bands have. Don’t get us wrong we LOVE a lot those bands, we’re not trying to beef with anyone. We just wanted to do something different for ourselves.

It also definitely portrays the stuff we actually do together when the camera isn’t on, haha. But basically yeah, we’re three idiot nerds that love each other and express that in a multitude of ways and we wanted to put some of those expression to film as well.”

Pre-Order via Dog Knights Productions

Kid, Feral is Jesper, Ossian and Vile. We’re a band based in Skövde, Sweden which is a super small town with no hardcore scene whatsoever. The band was formed in summer of 2016, and we’ve been writing and recording our debut album Live and Let’s Die! since then. Our debut will be out on Vinyl real soon through Dog Knights Productions.

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