Video Premiere: Kindler – “Light And Ash”

In a world as transient as music, the Asheboro, NC group Kindler focus on the creation of lasting moments with their rock, experimental, and progressive songs. Consisting of brothers Nick and Stephen Wiley (formerly of Wake of Redemption) and Cameron Fitzpatrick (of TITAN, We Are Masked) they came together with a desire to create something powerful. And today, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of their music video for the song “Light and Ash” (watch below).

“Light and Ash” is off their brand new album, Cosmic Revelations, which will be released on March 11, 2016.

Coming off their successful EP, Afterglow, the threesome are ready to make the next step as a band.Similar to Afterglow, Kindler have self-engineered their forthcoming record which was recorded at The Fidelitorium, mixed at The Forest Moon of Endor and mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain. The band’s bassist, Cameron Fitzpatrick engineered and mixed all eleven tracks. He expands:

“While we self-engineered both ‘Cosmic Revelations’ and our EP, ‘Afterglow,’ this album comes from a slightly different place than the EP. When we recorded ‘Afterglow,’ we had a lot of concrete ideas about our music and our identity as a band and the material reflected that certainly. The music on the album, ‘Cosmic Revelations,’ however, is punctuated by what we can an ‘ominous question mark.’ Things change, life is unpredictable, and very little remains certain, and these themes are present in nearly every song on the album.”

With their forthcoming release, fans can expect a sound entirely of their own, they pay homage to the symphonic ambition in Yes, emotional release of Isis, raw power of Mastodon, rhythmic complexity of Tool, melodicism of Fair to Midland and Karnivool, and the intensity and tonal experimentation of Opeth. Their efforts have produced songs that are timeless pieces, both intellectual and emotional, accessible and complex, grandiose and personal.

In 2013, the band self-­produced and recorded the Afterglow EP at Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium Recordings studio (R.E.M., Pavement, Ben Folds Five) in Kernersville, NC. The decision to self­-produce and engineer the record was based on artistic integrity that allowed each member to oversee the recording process. This attention to detail and craft only added additional impact to their already powerful sound. Fitzpatrick adds, “The one thing we want more than anything is to bring our music to people who want to hear it.”

The band toured off the EP and opened for Balance and Composure, The Reign of Kindo, The Virgil Donati Band, and Tides of Man to name a few. The band also released a powerful song, “Shifting Ground” [which was] in honor of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, through partnerships with several local charities.

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