Video Premiere: Klee Project – “I’ll Break It Down”

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the smashing video premiere for “I’ll Break it Down” by KLEE Project. The tune is a gritty rock song that features a big hook with gnashing guitar chords keeping the beat alive and the progression moving. A filthy guitar solo rips through the bridge and leads listeners into the beatdown outro. Take a listen and watch the music video below!

“‘I’ll Break It Down’ is not just a song about breaking … It’s a manual! We speak about memories, of past and perhaps lost loves. We are talking about awareness, of a time that has gone too fast. Despite everything there is no sadness, no remorse… the important thing is to be ready to spread your wings and fly away. Violent echoes in the head resonate, the hands that hide the wounds and the tears on your face; but we know that love sometimes hurts and becoming aware of it is already a good start.”

I’ll Break It Down by KLEE Project on VEVO.

Two years after the release of their debut album The Long Way, Italian southern rock act Klee Project is finally ready to back with the first single taken from the new album which will be available during the next Fall.

Two years lived intensely by the band, between line-up change and an interesting artistic evolution, as explained by their frontman Roberto Sterpetti: “After the first concept album The Long Way I felt the desire to give a clear direction on the new stuff. With this positive mood in the summer 2017 I realized 11 tracks in just a couple of weeks! But Klee Project is a team, and not a personal project, for this reason I wanted to involve great musician friends who could make this new job unique… And for this reason I’m proud to announce Chicco Gussoni (lead guitar) and Daniele Iacono (drums), new entries that have magnificently shaped the sound of the songs. Lorenzo Poli (bass) remains a certainty of the Klee Project by making a real glue to the whole band. All enriched by the lyrics written by two american singers, Mike Botula and Blitch Vizioli, who told stories and incredible sensations. The desire to represent myself in this style was so strong that I did not think about so many frills. Essential, powerful and decisive!”.


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