Self-proclaimed Baltimore “Queen of the Underground” Kotic Couture is sharing their newest video, “The Makings,” and you can take a look right here at New Noise.

The dynamic rapper, songwriter, and Baltimore club scene staple carries their high-energy hip-hop, street-smart lyrics, and beautifully crafted stories to their latest LP, Late To The Party, out June 24 via Babe City Records.

The LP was written and recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown, continuing Kotic Couture’s journey of gender-nonconforming expression. Initially from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Kotic came of age in the Baltimore club scene where they produced their first album, Diary of a Dreamer, in 2018.

Looking back to their first full-length release, Kotic says of the new album, “It’s brighter,older sibling, music that makes you want to feel and dance simultaneously.”

“I wanted to create meaningful, thought-provoking music that you can ride or bop to,” Kotic explains.

Kotic Couture also hosts a regular party for the queer community at The Crown, an arts and entertainment venue in Baltimore. DJ Kotic has gained a following for themself, showing off their experience as a colorful and charismatic performer and creating a safe space for further expression and collaboration from others.

Watch the video for “The Makings” here:

For more from Kotic Couture, find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Kotic Couture


Keegan Williams is a freelance journalist and artist (they/them). Keegan is based in Los Angeles, CA and lives quaintly with their hairless cat, two model skeletons, and collection of creepy vintage toys.

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