Video Premiere: L. Teez – ‘Questions’

Out August 28 via Hyrdophonik, check out L. Teez’s “Questions.”

“With this song being the intro to my EP, I wanted to set the mood,” says Lee. “I wanted to ease people into my inner thoughts. I was able to find a blend between hip hop and jazz and tell the story of my questions and reflection through my poetry.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of contemporary art, living in downtown Montreal most of my life. I’ve spent a lot of time in our amazing museums (MAC, Museum of Fine Arts, McCord …). Guillaume Pascale is a close friend of mine and also a contemporary art researcher and film director.

“I showed him “Questions,” and he loved it right away. I let him take the creative lead on the video, and it came out amazing. Through point clouds shot with an iPhone, we were able to tell a story that we are all different, yet we still all ask ourselves questions and reflect on life like anybody else, as if it was like we are all connected through “Questions.”

“I wanted to approach Lee’s introspective text with the aid of the unstable aesthetic of photogrammetry and operative images (H. Farocki, 2004),” says Pascale.”In this way, I offer a flowy, almost seamless film in which the bodies appear through the prism of a thin film of diffuse dots. In my opinion, this aesthetic embraces the melancholy scope of the piece, here carried by an operative shooting technique which tends to empty the body.”

Stream the single here. 

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