Video Premiere: La Jungle – ‘Feu l’Homme’

A self-proclaimed “child of noise rock,” La Jungle creates a sound all their own, drawing influences from across the musical spectrum. The band released their album Fall Off The Apex last month and are now premiering their new video for the track “Feu l’Homme” exclusively at New Noise. 

The band admit that the track stands out on the album, and not in the way you might expect a group to highlight one of their tracks.

“‘Feu l’Homme’ is at the same time the least accessible and the most violent track of our new album Fall Off The Apex. It frantically embodies the fatalistic inclination of this record. Our friend and occasional roadie Lucas quickly managed to make this particular track his own and to deliver another black and white (or not really?) video clip, five years after our video ‘Technically You Are Dead.’ Thanks a bunch, pal!”

The video director Lucas Debaille says that the video displays the pressure and ensuring eruption stemming from the apocalypse and everything it would entail. He used these ideas to convey the track’s atmosphere.

“The sound of La Jungle is a ritual, almost tribal call to reveal our instincts. It invites us to travel and dance in the midst of doomsday,” Debaille says. “The decision to use minerals seemed all the more relevant as it resonates with the name—ROCHENOIR—which originates from “les roches noires” (French for ‘black stones’), a caving club created by my father. Some of the minerals on display actually come from his very own expeditions.”

The video was produced and edited in Belgium during the COVID-19 lockdown in the spring of 2021.

You can stream and order the new album now here, and check out the brand new video for “Feu l’Homme” below:

For more from La Jungle, find them on Instagram and Facebook. Photo courtesy of La Jungle.

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