Video Premiere: LAPÊCHE – ‘Finally Trying’

New York’s LAPÊCHE are set to release their sophomore album, Blood in the Water, on April 9 through New Granada Records.

Since 2016, singer and guitarist Krista Diem, her husband and bassist David Diem (of 12 Hour Turn), guitarist Drew DeMaio (Asshole Parade, Floor, Strikeforce Diablo), and drummer Jeff Gensterblum (Small Brown Bike, Able Baker Fox) have fused folk-inspired melodies with sonic backdrops inspired by punk aesthetics, DIY scenes, and basement shows.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere the music video for latest single and album opener, “Finally Trying,” below:

Blood in the Water walks the line between nature and nurture, objective reality and subjective perspective, joy and pain, suffering and hope, and addiction and sobriety. As the songs took shape, LAPÊCHE collaborated once again with friend and tour mate J. Robbins. Their strong friendship and working relationship continued to grow as they crafted Blood in the Water together, with J. producing, contributing instruments, and adding vocals to the songs along the way.

Across the songs that make up Blood in the Water, Diem navigates our inextricable connection to others. On “Finally Trying,” she digs deep into our all-too-human ability to make things harder than they need to be and how rarely this serves us. “Feathers turn to anchors,” she repeats, as the band soars above the weight of her words.

On the track’s video, the band states:

“We wanted to visually express ourselves in a light-hearted way, which is a deviation from our usual expressionism. Our music takes deep dives into psychological waters, but we balance that heaviness with a genuine joy for what we do.  So we tried to make a video that shows a contrasting side of the band. We often joke about how we should start a criminal enterprise as an F-U to power. Robbing a bank has come up, tongue-in-cheek, more than once. Intentions to be joyful and do things you love, within that structure and even when things don’t ‘work out,’ can be an act of defiance and even service.

The lyrics, which at times run counter to the video narrative, touch on accepting and inspiring positive action. And to us, drive home the belief that the tendency we have to make things harder than they need to be, doesn’t tend to serve us or others.”

Photo by Kate Hoos

Pre-order and stream Blood in the Water through Bandcamp here.

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