If you’re in your feels this V-Day, get them all out today with Last Day Before Holiday’s “Moving On,” out now on an EP by the same name via People of Pop Punk Records.

“Moving On” is the perfect song to represent LDBH in their entirety—a catchy, happy-but-melancholic, pop punk anthem. It’s the first song of their EP and also the first one they wrote after a four-year hiatus.

“It’s a really important song for us, and we decided to pay a tribute to it with a video that represents one of the most incredible experiences of our lives,” the band say. “Touring Japan in December was a dream come true, and we’ll never forget that … as well as we’ll never forget how far our songs brought us over the years.”

Last Day Before Holiday are a pop punk band from Italy formed in 2007 that released three records on Wynona Records/Rude Records (ITA & EU) and Radtone Music Group (JP) and toured a lot around Italy, Europe, Ukraine, and Russia. The EP Moving On was released on November 18 on People Of Punk Rock Records.

Get the album here. 


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