London-based DJ and producer Leena Punks is preparing for her upcoming EP Here Tonight with the release of the first single, a tribute to the synthpop and glowing melodies of the 80s, “Synthall,” along with a new music video.

Leena was inspired to start her DJ career after she was exposed to her dad’s mixtapes, vinyls of tech house, and his love for funk and disco music. After starting as a radio DJ and studying electronic music composition and classical piano studies in London, she launched her career, securing residencies across the city.

The new single, “Synthall,” mirror some of these initial inspirations that ushered Leena into music. She chats more about the new single: “This ‘retro-futuristic’ pop feel was a departure from my usual indie-house sound, but again, I wanted to experiment with an unapologetically optimistic record that brings us full-term to a post-lockdown era full of hope, hugs, and a return to raving again!”

She adds, “This time, I was really inspired by the heavy, textural synths of the ’80s and the dry drum machines to create Here Tonight EP—a cross between synthpop and underground electronica.”

Check out the first single, “Synthall,” off the upcoming EP below:

For more from Leena Punks, find her on Facebook, Instagram, or her official website. Photo courtesy of Leena Punks.

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