Little Shrine’s “Make me Better” is out April 17 on their new record, The Good Thing About Time. Check out the video here.

“At the time, I was just starting a relationship with someone who I’d been friends with for a long time,” Jade Shipman of Little Shrine explains. “I have PTSD symptoms that can come out in close relationships, and he’d had mental health ups and downs as well. Feelings were developing pretty quickly. I was questioning if it would be the kind of relationship that would help us become more stable as individuals, or if we would impact each other negatively. I also wasn’t sure he understood how challenging of a partner I can be—I was afraid he wasn’t seeing the full picture.
“I am happiest when I’m in a solid relationship, and it’s really important to me to build something healthy. When I’ve dated people who’ve never experienced adversity, it’s almost like we’re from different planets. When we’ve both had challenges, it means we can understand each other more readily. At the same time, it can mean that both of us are not as well-resourced and might not have the strongest skills in terms of communication or stress management or a variety of other things that can help a relationship to be stable. I guess the subtitle for this song could be ‘love in a time of dual diagnoses.'”
“Make Me Better,” the album’s lead single and opening track, hauls ass onto the dance floor through its insistent snare hits and rapturous chorus, giving voice to the earnest nature of the band and their willingness to marry revealing lyrics to ecstatic instrumentals and melodies. And it’s here in “Make Me Better” that Shipman is able to best convey her and her band’s strengths: like Nina Persson and The Cardigans or Abba’s less frothy moments, Shipman has a gift for stirring the muck of human flaw and pain into truly effervescent pop.

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