New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the ambient rock track “New Pet” by The Living Strange. There’s a lot of surging energy that kicks off after the soft open, led by the quick paced stream of conscious vocals. The music video is incredibly art driven, finding different textures and palettes to give the track a beautiful aesthetic. Watch it below and be prepared for the record, Gunk, out on August 17th!

“The song ‘New Pet’ is like a rhinoceros in the hot sun, charging for a bountiful patch of grass, while simultaneously running from all of its past traumas. Since we couldn’t afford to pay a rhino for the music video, we settled on used car parts we found on the street instead. It’s all about perspective and how that can shape someone’s reality, or at the least what they think their reality is.” – Elijah Sokolow (Vocals & Guitar) of The Living Strange

The Living Strange is a Brooklyn based alternative rock band founded by Elijah Sokolow. The Living Strange’s music combines the guitar-driven hard rock of artists like Queens of the Stone Age and Rage Against the Machine with the electronic-indie atmosphere of artists like Tame Impala and St Vincent. Sokolow is the sole songwriter of the project and the studio recordings compromise of him overdubbing all instruments other than drums, which are played by Ben Shafrir. As a touring act, the band consists of Sokolow (vocals, guitar), Ben Shafrir (drums), Miles Blue Spruce (bass), and Nico Sleator (Synthesizer). Having initially formed during high school in Los Angeles in 2014, The Living Strange began gigging consistently across the west coast. After several self-released EPs, tours across the US, and lineup changes, the band found a new home in Brooklyn, NY.

This upcoming album marks the first professionally recorded full length release from The Living Strange. The topics of the songs range from relationships to cultural critiques, as well as coping with a loved one’s self-destruction. Each song is a different angle of the band’s playful philosophy – to embrace ones inner freak and marvel at the bizarre circumstances that we all share. This message is most prevalent in the somewhat surrealist lyrical content. The making of this album was sentimental because it was recorded down the street from the garage that The Living Strange started in. Since those days hammering out riffs in the garage, the band has grown into something much bigger and this record is the latest milestone to show that.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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