Once Upon A Time Called Now is a snapshot of Longstocking at this exact moment in time; A band who practiced and gigged constantly and knows their songs inside and out.

A band that has dissected each song until it was devoid of fluff or filler. Every sarcastic and angst-ridden lyric matched the raw-yet-sturdy energy of the music that is recorded onto tape.

According to the band, once the engineer got the sound right, he pressed the board over to the band and just got out of the way. What you hear on Once Upon A Time Called Now is exactly how the band do it live!

Once Upon A Time Called Now will drop on February 5 on Jealous Butcher Records.

Check out our premiere of their latest song from their forthcoming album “Jehu On A Rollercoaster” below:

On their latest album and its live feel bass player David Gomez had the following to say:

Speaking of playing live, It must have been a trip to see three queers and one Chicano twice their size take the stage in the mostly white, heteronomative, ’90s indie rock scene. Longstocking did not suffer fools We didn’t rely on gimmicks, image, or cuteness. We just set up our gear, turned the amps on, and let the sound and energy hit you. We wanted to be the best band on the bill every show, no matter who we played with. Even if you didn’t like our music, you had our respect after we got off stage. Probably the best band I’ve ever played in.”

Photo by Jennifer Roper.

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