Video Premiere: Lorne Behrman – ‘Sandcastles’

NYC rocker Lorne Behrman will drop his debut solo EP, When I Hit The Floor, on October 15 on Spaghetty Town Records. The release’s second single “Sandcastles” is a tense and urgent rocker marked by an ominous guitar riff, spooky Farfisa organ and chilling lyrics about the effects of childhood sexual abuse.

Watch the David J Barron-directed video for “Sandcastles” below:

Behrman explains the harrowing story behind “Sandcastles”

“When I was a little kid, I took karate classes, and there was an instructor there who promised they would give me a kit to build sandcastles if I went with them into the bathroom. This began a very stressful and painful time for me. It was sexual abuse, mind games, and secrets. I was a really sensitive kid—I still am really sensitive—and I felt in over my head but scared to tell anyone.

I eventually got help and spoke to many people about this. I got a lot of comfort. One person told me to pray for the person who did this to me. I wanted to punch this guy in the face. I remember walking home that night and just being livid—they don’t understand, I thought. But it dawned on me, that the person who did that to me, probably had that done to them. All forms of abuse are passed on until you stop them. Not long after, I wrote the song.”

As far as catharsis, I’ve heard people say if you shine a light on darkness it goes away. So, this is me, putting that saying into real life. Singing this in the studio was very hard for me, but my producer Matt Chiaravalle made me feel comfortable. Leaving that vocal booth and finishing the vocals of the song, I felt lighter—like a left a part of my history behind. Hearing it mixed and mastered and knowing it will be out there scares me. I feel naked and vulnerable. That said, when I listen to the song, I feel like I am speaking up for that little kid that endured that private hell.”

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