New Noise Magazine is happy to bring forth the newest music video from Macseal; for their song “Cats,” off their debut self-titled EP. Macseal hail from New York and keep their music packed to the brim with wit & complexity. Within the lyrics of “Cats” there is a war of isolation and comfort, feeling sorry for staying inside but at the same time lured in by the ability to hide from the world. Yet, Macseal find a way to rid of the plague, able to venture out and showcase this with a whimsical music video. Hardly a coincidence, “Cats” is also the pivot for Macseal, who are announcing a debut full length to be released via Table Three Media in 2017. The record was recorded and produced by Jake Ewald of Modern Baseball/Slaughter Beach Dog.

The band had this to say about the video, “The ‘Cats’ video personifies some detrimental qualities we find in our daily lives, such as social anxiety and laziness. We work towards bettering ourselves (in this case via an 80’s training montage) and in the end, hopefully come out victorious.”

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Anthony Canavaciol – Director
Jennifer Burke – Producer
Eddy Gomez – sound/color/post/camera
Matt Subrizi – graphics/camera

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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