Malxolm’s confidence as a musician and artist shines through stronger than ever on his new single and video “Phantom.” The track blends a catchy, trap vocal in the verse with a booming chorus that highlights his ability to perform like a menacing metal frontman even when singing clean.

You might recognize Malxolm Brixkhouse as the frontman (and former lead shredder) of the teenage metal sensations Unlocking The Truth—who, amongst other accolades, were the youngest band to ever perform at Coachella and have an entire documentary, Breaking a Monster, detailing their meteoric rise to fame.

The trippy, VHS-style video accompanying the track is directed by i7Eight and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Malxcolms undoubtedly rockstar-lifestyle along with visually arresting performance shots that underscore the power of the track. 

When we asked for some words on the trajectory of his newfound solo career, he had this to say: “I came from the mud, I could never fold lil b*tch.” 

We’re inclined to believe him. 

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