New Noise Magazine is collaborating with California’s The Manx to premiere their newest video for the song “Tighten My Guts.” The Manx spews forth their own maniacal brand of dark and demented folk-core with “Tighten My Guts”: a trashy, yet glamorous, portrayal of what it’s like to be in a boy band from the 5th dimension. These post apocalyptic goo-core pioneers are definitely onto something different. The band is a group of eclectic individuals who take art to new forms, having shown that on their latest digital release Voyage In Bad Taste. The record will be receiving a physical vinyl release mid December, with a release show happening on January 6th. I’m going to let The Manx take over from here.

“5 headed, folk-instrument toting, self proclaimed Goo-Core band, The Manx, deliver a particularly slimy brand of oddball insanity with their debut full length album, Voyage In Bad Taste. The subtle flavors of surf, show tunes, black-metal, and everything in between are unmistakable, however they seem to be encapsulated and trapped within gelatinous sacs, kept at bay and buried just below the crust of whatever planet these Los Angeles natives are currently operating from. Produced and engineered by Toshi Kasai (Melvins, TOOL, Tweak Bird, etc.), “Voyage In Bad Taste” brings new meaning to the term Folk-Spaz with songs like “Rainbow Hammer” (Featuring King Buzzo) and “Shimmering Ancient Wisdom”. Feel like traveling to Ancient Egypt and decapitating some bratty Fruit Bats? The Manx has got you covered (in bubbles and goo)… Come check them out at Non Plus Ultra in Los Angeles for their record release party with FARTBARF on January 6th, 2017.”

Purchase Voyage In Bad Taste here


Release Show Info right here.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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