Mechanimal’s new drony, heavy single Scavengers comes to life in this dark, depressing saga about homelessness. The song is out now on their latest record, Crux, released via Inner Ear Recordings.

“The economic crisis has increased unemployment rates, thus aggravating the problem of homelessness in Athens,” says Giannis Papaioannou of Mechanmial. “’Scavengers’ was written for a homeless man I used to see every day resting or sleeping outside a bank. All he had in his possession was a case with a pillow, a blanket, and a book. One day, the police came and took him away, and I wondered where are they taking him? Where is he now? So, this is a song dedicated to all homeless people on this planet.”

This is the second video the band have released to promote their new album, Crux. Before this, the band released Delta Pi Delta in 2016, and returned in June of last year with the single “White Flag.”

Believing that everything is political and that we are all guilty of what is happening, Mechanimal, without limitation, use a fragmented sound palette to describe ten stories of reality deconstructed on the album Crux. From the death-trap of “Ghetto Level” and the raw, industrial resonances of “Easy Dead” and “Scavengers,” from the pagan techno of “Razor Tube” and “Vanquish” to the feverish post-punk of “Red Mirror,” Mechanimal want not only to escape the inherent limitations of each genre, but also to break down the barriers that do not allow all genres to become one.
Photo by Bianca Bogdanou

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