Meek Is Murder photo by Dean Chooch Landry

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Meek Is Murder’s new music video for their song “The Same Mistakes” (watch it below), taken from the band’s new album Was. The video comes after Meek Is Murder took over our Instagram today to give you a behind the scenes look at making the video (can you believe all this work was done in a single day!?). You can check out the coverage here: @newnoisemagazine

Meek Is Murder has completed fourth full-length album Was, with producer Kurt Ballou (Converge, Nails) at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. You can pre-order Was here.

Frank Godla of Meek Is Murder comments on the video:

“What a day! Writing, producing, building, filming, editing, color grading and completing a music video in under 8 hours has been a fun challenge to say the least. I’m stoked New Noise gave me the opportunity.

As for the story in the video, I’ve always been a fan of Darren Aronofsky’s approach to Snorricam filming, and always wanted to try it out for a DIY music video. Especially since I’ve yet to see it done in a metal video. The narrative is a simple story I wrote out based on how I feel most days, and probably most New Yorkers, about being in a rush while everything seems to fall apart.”

Meek Is Murder has cemented itself as one of the leaders of Brooklyn’s heavy scene, its sound bridging the short attention span grind of Pig Destroyer or Graf Orlock, with the soulful, end-of-the-world noise-core of bands like Botch. In describing the vibe of the new music, drummer Frank Godla references Meek’s past releases, hinting that Was possesses “the punk nerve of the Onward EP and the grotesque chops of Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters.

Mastering was handled by Alan Douches (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Tombs) – the team of Ballou and Douches is the same team that has recorded all of Meek Is Murder’s albums. Says Godla: “Kurt Ballou and Alan Douches are masters of their craft, and truly understand the amount of grime appeal we look for in records. Since our debut album, Algorithms, we decided that these two would handle all our full length recordings. We think of them as friends, and companions to our band. So when we started writing Was, naturally the next step was to get in touch with Kurt and Alan, there was never a question or conversation about it.”

Guitarist/vocalist Mike Keller says the album deals with time, memory, and the processing of experiences – not so surprising from a band with a Back to the Future fixation: “Typical humans, we think about the past a lot. We romanticize it to reconcile a disappointing present. We re-write history so it reads the way we wish it went. We black it out when it’s just too much. And worst of all, we forget. It’s a struggle to appreciate the good things or recognize the negative ones at the time they occur.”

Album Release Show:
July 16 – Brooklyn, NY at Aviv [Facebook Event]

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