Queercore band Middle-Aged Queers, hailing from Oakland, CA, have released the music video for their new single, “Size Queen,” suitably during LGBTQ Pride Month.

Middle-Aged Queers are a self-proclaimed “quartet of Jurassic Punx barreling down Interstate 580 on a mission to save Rock ‘n’ Roll with broken limbs and gear held together with duct tape.”

Middle-Aged Queers are truly seasoned players in the game of DIY punk; the band consist of ex-members of bands like Fang, Yaphet Kotto, Bread and Circuits, The Cost, Wet-Nap, Saviours, The Shudders, S.P.A.G., The Insaints, and No Alternative.

The track appears on Middle-Aged Queers’ upcoming split, seven-inch record with neighboring Bay Area, queer group Lolly Gaggers. Lead vocalist Shauners says, “‘Size Queen’ is about the good ol’ ‘Murican mantra of ‘bigger is better’ and how its ubiquitousness seeps into every facet of our lives, even the bedroom.”

The song begins with a frantic bass line, evolving with teeter-tottering guitar chords that relentlessly carry the entire track, only breaking for a slightly-less-quiet bridge before circling back to the relentless, head-bobbing beat and finishing strong with a wicked guitar solo.

You can watch the music video for “Size Queen” below:

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