New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth the video premiere of “Late Nights And Long Drives” by Midsummer Dream. The band is newly formed making their debut right here. “Late Nights And Long Drives” is an infectious, anthemic track with a pulsing drum beat. The chord progressions streamline the vocal lines, allowing for simultaneous, hummable parts to be memorable right away. Take a listen and watch the video below, and get to know the band by reading an interview!

“‘Late Nights And Long Drives’ is about going through a rough patch in a relationship and making the conscious decision to let go of that tension, and get away. Sometimes people just feel stuck, and hopeless in their situation but I think we underestimate how much control we really have over our own lives. You could lay in bed and stay up all night, thinking about everything that might go wrong. But in the end all you’re doing is making yourself upset. There’s no reason for that. This song is about learning to turn your mind off, and experiencing happiness again in something as simple as a car ride with no destination. I find that getting lost is sometimes the easiest way to find yourself again.”

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Midsummer Dream is:

John- Vocals, Guitar
Chase- Drums

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves, and your overall aim as a band?

I was actually in another band at the time when I started writing the first guitar parts for Midsummer Dream. That band was seeing some success, making it onto Warped Tour a few times and even playing a few shows with Sum 41. It was a blast but unfortunately not everyone in the band was fully committed. I wanted to keep that momentum going, but with the right people, and so Midsummer Dream was born. We’re a Pop-Punk/Rock band from Port Saint Lucie, FL.

I think we draw a lot of influence from the bands that were popular in the early-mid 2000’s. That rebellious-type Rock you would blast in your headphones and that your parents would blame for your bad grades, haha. There’s just something special about that genre, and I think it really shows if you look at all of these 10-15 year anniversary Tours happening. Bands like All Time Low, New Found Glory, and Blink-182 are still selling out shows to this day. It’s safe to say that our goal is to continue that legacy. The music industry is constantly changing and evolving, as will Midsummer Dream. But we’re gonna make sure to keep the Rock genre in the spotlight. – John

What does art or music bring out of you that makes you keep pursuing it?

For me it’s the connection with the fans. I love the feeling of being on stage and seeing a bunch of kids singing your lyrics back to you. There’s just nothing like it. Being able to have that connection, and knowing that you made a positive impact on someone’s life. Even if it’s just one person, that’s what makes it worthwhile. – John

When I’m playing or writing music I don’t think about my life problems. At that moment it’s just me and the art form. Even if I have the biggest problems going on, music gives me that outlet. – Christian

That’s a tough question to put an answer into words to, but as a synesthetic, music is both a visual art and one of sound. The raw emotion I’m both able to put into my music and I’m able to see and feel from the music of other artists is what I crave, its why I can’t stop. – Dana

Music never lets me down. It’s a part of my soul, I feel it and hear it everywhere. Couldn’t stop playing music if I tried. – Chase

What have you been listening to this year?

First off, I must have listened to the new Underoath song a hundred times already, haha. Broadside, I The Mighty, Movements, and a never-ending binge of The Front Bottoms. Oh, I have to mention the new Underoath song as well because I must have listened to it 100 times over! haha – John

This year has been a lot of Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, but I’ve also been digging Asking Alexandria’s self titled album. – Christian

I’m always listening to old music. Lately I’ve been on a Vitas kick, but I’m always coming back to the likes of Cute Without The E by Taking Back Sunday, and Given Up by Linkin Park. – Dana 

I listen to everything every year hahaha. – Chase

What are your favorite toppings to put on a pizza?

As long as you got diced tomatoes on top I’m good! Spinach is cool, but no animals and no pineapple. (I love pineapple by the way, it’s just weird when you heat it up.) Maybe cold pizza with pineapple might work who knows? – John 

I enjoy Hawaiian and buffalo pizza the most, so I’m one of those pineapple does go on pizza kinda guys. – Christian

I like a Spicy Italian pizza. A pie with Italian sausage, pepperoni, and Canadian bacon, and don’t hold back on the red pepper. – Dana

Pepperoni, I’m a simple kind of guy. – Chase

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