Today, MI’ENS released Future Child via Kill Rock Stars. Check out the video for “Charge Dodger” right here.

“On this track, I wanted to conjure a ride through a post-pandemic urban core, with a dig at slaves to consumerism and a subplot of alien abduction, all to the beat of backwards drums,” says Kim Glennie. “Simmering undercurrents build to the frantically abrasive, buzz-saw finale with punctuated and visceral beats; jagged, discordant guitar lines, and experimental, noisy Moog. Layers crescendo to an explosive climax of feedback, screeches and sonic aggression with icy vocals floating upwards as they drift to space.”

Future Child is a departure and extension of their previous work, expanding on propulsive angularities, complex and experimental instrumentations, loops and feedback, the hum and whirr of the Moog, frenetic percussion, and intertwined guitar lines, from articulated to visceral. Recorded and mixed by Jesse Gander in spring of 2019 at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, Canada, and mastered by Stu McKillop, Future Child is heavier and tighter than past works, awash with technical soundscapes, percussive momentum, and an underlying warmth within the sonic assault.

Jesse has recorded Brutus (Sargent House), White Lung (Domino), Japandroids (Polyvinyl) and is known for representing a band’s live energy while getting a thick, full sound. Kim produced the record, aiming to make the sound trippier and fuller than past outings, adding dense textures, buzz, blare, and sonic experimentations. Hooks and explorations are at play within compositional frameworks, the dialogue between guitar, Moog, vocals, and drums, always pushing the boundaries.

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