Video Premiere: Mike & The Nerve – ‘A Drunkard’s Lifetime’

Heartland punk band Mike & The Nerve have just released their sophomore album, Watershed Drive, and along with the new LP, the band are sharing the new music video for the track “A Drunkard’s Lifetime.”

The song is upbeat and kicks off with stomping drums and hip-swaying guitar before fully hitting its stride. It thematically explores a long amount of time, potentially a “lifetime’s worth,” that it often takes to navigate a negative chapter in one’s life.

“While the lyrics refer to this in a more post-relationship/break-up context, the song title refers to a long-term alcoholic and the long journey they undergo toward sobriety,” frontman Mike Llerena says.

The video is also the first to feature the band’s new lineup. “I think that fostered a further level of camaraderie behind the scenes. We had a great time making the video,” Llerena says. The band originated as a solo project before morphing into a full-fledged band, now featuring drummer Josh Napier, backing vocalist Garret Pogue, guitarist/backing vocalist Eli Garland, and bassist James Conlin.

Watch the video for “A Drunkard’s Lifetime” here:

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Photo courtesy of Mike & The Nerve and Jeremy McGuire

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