Video Premiere: Minatore – ‘The Hour’

A unique two-piece from Nottingham, England, Minatore have released their new video for the song, “The Hour.”

The duo have influences ranging from Dinosaur Jr. to Fugazi and Nirvana, Tommy Keeling’s cracked vocals and blistering guitars further propelled by Morgan Pettigrew’s pounding drums.

Their stage presence is married to their sound, exploding with energy and fusing the ’90s grunge angst and spirit of the hardcore indie rock scene of the late ’80s with a new sound that feels all their own.

The band open up about the new song and video:

“Too many of us struggle with mental health issues. Sometimes we take a break from life, either by choice, or because our hand is forced. Either way, there comes a time when you absolutely MUST go back out into the world and reconnect with the things and the people you love. ‘The Hour’ is about that time—admitting to yourself that it’s time to move forward, and taking that difficult step onto the path of recovery.“

Watch the video for “The Hour” here:

For more from Minatore, find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Minatore 

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