Modern Welfare are an alt-rock outfit that combining their various talents and tastes to write music based on their experiences and struggles.

Comprised of four members—vocalist and lyricist Lucas Hay, guitarists Dan Renz and Byron Taylor, and drummer John Yabut—the band’s latest single, “Walls” was written while in Nashville, TN while recording with producer Kyle Odell.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “Walls” below:

The message of “Walls” is universal and something everyone can relate to. The song focuses on the struggle of leaving a personal relationship that has been holding you back. The tone of the track is about setting boundaries and moving forward.

Combining electro-pop and hard rock, the composure of Modern Welfare’s music encompasses all the positive and negative feelings that follow from experience. As the band states:

“Why you stressin’? Life’s a blessin’.”

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