Miami-based, psych-rock outfit MOLD! tease the release of their debut, full-length effort, NO SILENCE!, out August 26, with the spacey, garage-rock infused single “You Are Being Lied To!”

The track, written by founding band member Carlo Barbacci and former bassist Bronto Montano, expresses their emotional conflict about leaving their home of Lima, Peru in 2017 to embark on their journey Stateside—and the existentialism that arises from leaving everything behind to start anew.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “You Are Being Lied To!” below:

“You Are Being Lied To!” is a prismatic, sonic experience, with whimsical, nostalgic elements juxtaposed against spacial guitar textures and a driving rhythm section.

This first offering is emblematic of the outfit’s penchant for the joyous elements of music and leans into catchy, infectious hooks as much as they do their dynamic take on archetypal garage rock. The track bursts with a subtle intensity, mirroring the band’s own manifesto to take listeners to happy places, nostalgic places, and even dark places within the psyche.

NO SILENCE! was recorded and mixed at The Bull Recording Studio in Miami by sound engineer Ryan Haft (Torche, Wrong, Jacuzzi Boys), and produced in a collaborative effort between Barbacci and Haft. Mastering engineer Dave Cooley—whose credits include DIIV, Tame Impala, Stone Temple Pilots and J Dilla—to name a few, took the reins for mastering duties, putting the final touches on the powerful and moreish record.

On the process behind the album, MOLD! state:

“When we started working on this album, we knew we wanted to make it a protest album against the traumatizing events we all go through in life; the existential troubles, the people that hurt us, the situations that make us have to relocate and start again. It just seems like there is a strong force trying to keep us away from being in touch with who we are and who we want to be. This album is a scream for no silence!

F”or perseverance and resilience, for being happy with being different. It is a call for unity, empowerment, perseverance, acceptance. We are all in this together because we are all survivors. We are the people that choose to live another day. We want the listener to be reminded of who they are. We want the listener to get in touch with their most hidden feelings.”

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Photo and video by Gabriel Duque

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