The multi-media odyssey MTRSS is a highly collaborative enterprise that spans the globe, exploring what happens when artists have a fair amount of time on their hands and access to video and audio processing software.

If you guessed that this was a quarantine project, you’d be right on the money! You can proceed to collect your reward at the bottom of the Mariana trench, where we’ve strategically deposited a plastic bag with a nice, crisp $20 in it, rubber-banded to a dumb-bell. Good luck finding it! Fortune favors the bold!

Alright, where were we … The premiere! YES! MTRSS’s self-recruited crew of explorers stretch from Oceania to Russia, from the Far East to Scandinavia, ultimately landed in California (where all the dreamers find their way, or so I hear), and tell their tales through a variety of mediums, including live ballet performances to an interactive series involving AR / MR / XR.

Below, you can check out New Noise’s premiere of MTRSS’s new digital, psychedelic, brain-candy buffet of a song and video. It’s called “Cali High,” and it features the talents of Graham Candy, Ilya Lagutenko, Jesse Siebenberg.

On the conception and inspiration for the video MTRSS offered the following:

“‘Cali High’’s journey started in the Sea of Japan, somewhere between Tokyo and Vladivostok. We came up with this beautiful melody and then felt like we were plotting a course. So, New Zealand, where Graham Candy is from became our next destination for this track. But it still wasn’t quite there yet.

“We looked higher, headed high north, and voilà, reached California. That’s how our version of Pacific Devil’s triangle was born. Recreating the idea of this paranormal phenomenon of the unforgiving waters where everything disappears without a trace we were able to create something that’d be there forever.”

Stay tuned for more digital dispatches from MTRSS soon!

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Photo by MTRSS

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