The beachy punk, Brooklyn-based Namesake are releasing their sophomore LP, Redeeming Features, on October 15, and they are giving fans an extra treat, the new single and video, “Population.”

The band adopted a new name after founding member Tyson Moore left the band during the COVID-19 pandemic. The album acts as a sort of healing exercise, though it is surely a fun listen.

“Population” is a commentary on wealth overtaking the heart of NYC. Namesake’s Patrick Phillips talks more about the inspirations behind the track:

“Prior to the pandemic, my younger sister visited NYC, and we decided to take a long random walk around Manhattan. I’d just read an article about the recently completed Hudson Yards, and I was curious to check it out. The article mentioned how it was basically a gated community for the ultra-wealthy, a place its residents ‘never have to leave,’ and another punch in the face to average New Yorkers in the form of glass towers. When the pandemic hit, the rich would flee, and Hudson Yards became eerily quiet.

I’ wrote ‘Population’ after that day with my sister. We’re both from the Midwest, but my 15 years in the city have turned me into a proud New Yorker. And what I’ve witnessed is life getting harder and harder for normal, working class people, while the hyper gentrification continues. Hopefully in a post pandemic world, the city can start addressing some of the polarizing wealth inequality. At my lower Manhattan restaurant job, I’m reminded often of how the very wealthy live in a very different city than the rest of us.”

Watch the video for “Population” here:

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Photo courtesy of Namesake and Erikka Electra


Keegan Williams is a freelance journalist and artist. Keegan is based in Los Angeles, CA and lives quaintly with their hairless cat, two model skeletons, and Furby baby.

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