We are excited to be premiering “Le N” from Belarus act Nebulae Come Sweet. The song is a gloom driven song that features haunting synth music to bring atmosphere into the heaviness. It is off the band’s upcoming release, It Is Not The Night That Covers You, which will be self-released on November 17th, 2016.

Nebulae Come Sweet: a 3 piece band that started in Minsk, Belarus in 2012. It Is Not The Night That Covers You is their debut album and the second release since 2013. The ten conceptual songs you will hear on the release run 47 minutes in length. The sound can be described as a single melancholic canvas of heavy monolithic riffs and touching lyrical tunes.The band has also confirmed two special guests who provided vocals on songs: Christopher Bennett, a talented guitarist and a great vocalist for a metal band Minsk and friend Kristoffer Bäckström, the founder and leader of Sweden quartet MolokenThe story of the whole album tells about a journey through the night of inner contradictions and  hardships in search for self-identity. It is inspired by tremendous movies by Tarkovsky, Nietzsche’s philosophy and ethereal poetry by T.S. Eliot and Dante Alighieri. The song “Le N” is the first part of this long journey. It tells the tale of the denial of imposed values and seeking for new ones, which will satisfy a free man. Some ideas where brought from Milton’s “Paradise Lost.”

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Nebulae Come Sweet It Is Not The Night That Covers You


This is a rock n' roll takeover.


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