Experimental duo Nhktar capture an evocative range of emotions with atmospheric, cinematic, spell casting that resists conventions of genre.

Singer MaeDea ov Moon’s voice is fierce and profound, elevating songs through their exploration of ancestral realms with collaborator Sam Hollier. Taken from their debut, self titled album, out November 20, “Forest” sets off a nuanced journey to broaden the understanding that darkness is a rich place of rebirth.

Offering a spiritual death, this densely layered song speaks to the complexity of wounding and trauma and presents shapeshifting as a way to survive male, socialized, emotional violence. The nuanced lyrics and raw quality of MaeDea’s vocals culminate, rendering “Forest ” as a force purging abusive systems through embodied ritual methodologies.

The track also has a music video, which aims to highlight the transition from degradation to reclamation through the lush and fertile darkness which is our keeper. 

“When actions echo destruction through your body, all you can do is make art from that. You can’t be silent because silence incites pain to grow louder,” Nhktar says.

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