Mike Borchardt (guitar/vocals), Alex Hoffman (bass/vocals), and German Sent (drums) came together from different corners of the world to form Nihiloceros. They all ended up crossing paths in Brooklyn, NY,  and now they are preparing for the September 17 release of their new album Self Destroy, sharing the new single and video, “Mammal Science Fiction.”

The band explain that the song’s concept revolves around humans evolving “too far and too fast” for their own good. The video also explores this concept.

“Overly complicated socialized character defects uniquely innate to humanity have destroyed ecosystems and marred the natural world. When our systems of power and technology fail us, we abandon the dying planet and flee into outer space on homemade rockets. The video questions whether we could ever truly reset, or if part of what makes us human is to seek out and repeat our patterns of power and control.”

Preorder Self Destroy here, and check out the new music video for “Mammal Science Fiction” below:

For more from Nihiloceros, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Nihiloceros and Michelle LoBianco.


Keegan Williams is a freelance journalist and artist. Keegan is based in Los Angeles, CA and lives quaintly with their hairless cat, two model skeletons, and Furby baby.

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