When we went into lockdown this year to survive the deadly virus ravaging the land, a bunch of us made promises to ourselves. We said to ourselves, “I’m going to make the most of this downtime! I’m going to learn a new skill, read that book I’ve been meaning to get to, watch everything in my Netflix queue, etc, etc, etc …”

Some of us were more successful in meeting their goals than others. For my part, I worried and ate too much. It was a weird and stressful time. No one should feel guilty for not becoming a master yogi or learning to paint before things opened back up and we were all ushered back into the wild, virus or not. Whatever your quarantine plans were, though, I doubt they involved starting a brand-spankin’ new band!

But starting a band in quarantine is EXACTLY what lan Wallace and Jay Arriaga did when they formed No Life On Earth, a fate-defying, plunge into punishing hardcore and technical death metal inspired by the more outlandish elements of Sepultura, Trivium, and Fear Factory.

No Life On Earth will be dropping their debut EP on Blood Blast Records on October 16, 2020. The EP is titled Nothing Is Real and you can check out a lyric video for the first single “Into Fire We Burn” below:

Founding member Arriaga describes his band’s new single in the following way:

‘Into Fire We Burn’ showcases our band’s diverse musical styles. It has the funky bass style that PJ brings to the band, Alan and I (Jay) making things interesting with the groove, and the combination of Andre’s powerful aggressive and big melodic vocals putting on the finishing touches. The song gets to the point quick. “

The forthcoming EP will also feature guest stunning performances by Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Cesar Soto (Ministry), Hector Camarena (Hereafter the Wave), and the producer Tue Madsen.

Nothing Is Real Tracklisting:
1 – Into Fire We Burn  –   (Featuring Hector Camarena, “Hereafter the Wave”)
2 – The Gravity – (Featuring Andreas Kisser, “Sepultura”)
3 – Nothing is Real – (Featuring Cesar Soto, “Ministry”)
4 – Time is Blind – (Featuring Tue Madsen, “Antfarm Studios”)

Preorder Nothing Is Real here.


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