Out on their latest album, Meat Machine, via Season of Mist, Check out Obsidian Kingdom’s video for “THE PUMP.”

Video Created by Jakov Burov

“’THE PUMP’ is a feverish delirium about the absurd nature of the world symbolized in a giant machine that constantly grinds and spawns flesh at the same time—neither good nor evil, but blindly bound to function forever in a meaningless course of processing meat,” the band explains.

“Although devoid of morality or compassion, the whole scene doesn’t lack a certain sense of humor. ‘THE PUMP’ is a frantic and dissonant song featuring the broken beat of a stupid mechanism. The main feelings portrayed are brutality and disorientation, but the chorus is also epic and liberating. Behind its grisly façade lies a veiled truth: that comedy may be the compass to find beauty at the heart of horror.”

Get the album here. 


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