Video Premiere: One Flew West – ‘Holes In My Jeans’

Colorado alt-rockers One Flew West have released the second track off their incoming album debut, The Blur, out March 25 via Smartpunk Records.

Watch the visualiser for “Holes In My Jeans” below:

The emo-pop tinged track portrays the uncertainties and doubts that you have as you enter into any situation where you are forced to put your life on hold. As a result of stagnation and boredom, you start to question the life choices that you’ve made so far. Some people always have a backup plan in their “back pocket” but now that’s not the case because there’s nowhere to go.

Speaking on the track’s lyrical genesis, One Flew West band member Linden Jackson states:

“‘Holes in my Jeans’ is a song about desperately wishing that you had a backup plan as you get older. When I was in my early 20’s everything seemed so easy and I never questioned that I was on the right path, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found myself wishing that I would have set myself up for some kind of alternate plan if things don’t work out.

Being in a band and having two parents with PhDs, it’s always been hard for me to not compare myself to that standard but being in a band is what I love doing and ‘Holes in my Jeans’ is about juggling those two dichotomies.”

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