Video Premiere: Opshional – ‘A Mess’

Opshional are a punk/metal band from northern Illinois, taking the aggression, energy, and heavy distortion from modern metal, and the catchy, simplified, and fast songwriting found in classic punk bands.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “A Mess” below:

The band features Ethan Barkman on guitar and vocals, Andy Kromer on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Ben Chapman on the drums. Taking inspiration from the likes of Metallica, The Ramones, The Misfits, Green Day, Megadeth and the likes, Opshional creates a sound that is both unique but also familiar that resonates with fans of their influences.

On the track’s release, Barkman states:

“‘A Mess’ tells the narrative of someone who has made some poor life decisions and has resorted to a life of crime, on the run from the law and ultimately regretting the decisions he has made in his life. Which is one of my biggest fears, living my life in regret of things I did or worse things that I didn’t do.”

Stream “A Mess” here.

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