Fresh off their debut full length Morning, Out of Service are bringing forth their music video for “The Whole World;” and New Noise Magazine has the exclusive. The band’s style of punk utilizes influences of pop sensible hooks to craft a track that soars with plenty of melodies. This is also the group’s first music video, and finds them letting loose to music, finding a way to creatively release their energy.

“For our first music video we wanted had one goal in mind. We wanted to choose a song that was truly dynamic and captured the heights and depths of our live shows. ‘The Whole World,’ the third song on our new album, Morning, was the perfect candidate. This song contains a hard hitting hook and soft, melodic verses. It is a great introduction to our band and we hope everyone enjoys watching it as we did making it.”

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Out of Service is an indie/alt rock band from South Jersey. The band originally formed when all of the members were in high school back in 2002. After a nearly decade long hiatus OOS reformed with its original lineup in 2016. Almost instantly settling into the chemistry they had from years of writing and performing together, the band immediately began writing new material with an eye on creating powerful and relatable music. In early 2017 OOS released their first EP “What We Bring with Us,” and on March 19, 2018 the band followed it up with their debut, full length album, “Morning,” which was mix, mastered, and co-produced by Nathan Hussey (All Get Out).

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