OvO has always been one of the most active bands in the worldwide, noisy rock scene. They have been known pretty much everywhere through their almost 1000 gigs, their large amount of releases, including albums, singles, collaborations, tracks on compilations, DVDs, and for their original, unique music.

“Testing My Poise” is the fourth music video from the last OvO album Miasma. Directed by Silvia Maggi, an Italian director and filmmaker based in Berlin, it’s shot in 8mm. The track features the Swedish trapper Gnucci on vocals.

On the video, OvO states:

“‘Testing My Poise’ is different from our average tracks, because it features Gnucci, who comes from the rap/trap world. It’s a way to say that arts can still intersect and create short circuits. The same happens applying early sexploitation 8mm aesthetics to our body and sex positive philosophy and noisy music.”

Silvia Maggi is known for her stories that capture and shine a light on queer people and underground communities. In the “Testing My Poise” music video, two femme dommes are meeting in a cruising area and the camera follows their encounter. Starring the majestic Madame X and Sadie Lune, this video is a combination of slapstick comedy and sexiness in a 60’s vibe 8mm short movie.

On the video, Maggi adds:

Coming from documentary filmmaking, when I make music videos I always try to give a glimpse on underground communities. In ‘Testing My Poise,’ with humor and a sexy retro attitude, Madame X and Sadie Lune show what happens when two femme Dominatrix cross path in a fantasy, queer cruising spot.

Inspired by the legendary works of John Waters and Russ Meyer, Silvia Maggi brings lesbian visibility and body and sex positivity on stage.

Listen to Miasma here.


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