To celebrate their twentieth anniversary, indie pop-rock band Pacifico have reunited with all of their former members to record a new single, “When We Were Wild.” The song will be released 20 years from the day of the release of the band’s first EP.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere the music video for “When We Were Wild” below, a montage of the band’s live and candid videos across 20 years.

The only full-time member Matthew Schwartz came up with the idea while watching a documentary on Beck. “It was about the dust brothers and how they mixed Beck’s Odely and Midnight Vultures albums. Taking different songs and mixing them together to make one song.”

Schwartz teamed up with each member and formation of Pacifico from various iterations. “‘When We Were Wild’ was recorded in three states with three bands and then remixed all together for one recording showcasing all sixteen musicians and highlighting what has made Pacifico the band it is…collaboration,” says Schwartz. The track will be released as a four-song maxi-single which includes the main mix, along with three alternative “state” mixes.

Pacifico was started in 1999 as any normal band but after many years touring, recording demos, and doing showcases the band had to part ways due to other adult responsibilities. It was then that Schwartz decided to take Pacifico into a less committed approach which in return allowed him to work with artists he wouldn’t have previously been able to collaborate with.

Pacifico, now with a new focus, started to record songs and release them independently, no longer waiting on others to make his music a reality.

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