Bombay Hardcore act Pacifist are a breath of fresh air for a stale scene. After the success of their previous EP, 2019’s Greyscale Dreams, the Indian collective are back with two new singles for 2021.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere the music video for “Resolve,” the band’s follow-up track to the previously released “Against The Tide”:

On the creation of “Resolve,” the group states:

“This video was shot over a period of a year and half before the pandemic struck, shot by various friends of the band at multiple shows (approximately 18 shows that have been captured here). The creation of the video was completely DIY to the core.

While India doesn’t have too many hardcore bands around, we’ve built a small scene of our own around here with our fellow Bombay Hardcore bands Death By Fungi, False Flag, The Riot Peddlers & Punk on Toast, who all feature in the video from shows we’ve played together.

The song was our tribute to this small community we’ve built, and the importance of sticking together, thinking for oneself & putting a message out in a largely regressive, majoritarian nationalist/right-wing agenda driven society that we’re spiralling into, with false gods & prophets – organized religion, media & capitalist moguls running the show.”

Acting as the spiritual successor to “Against The Tide,” “Resolve” is a song that takes the focus from looking inwards to viewing the external world; as we build from strength to strength, we celebrate our own individuality, shedding away any mob/herd mentality and walk with a steadfast resolve to never bend, never break—to stand in what we believe in.

Through a visual journey of the band’s live performances through the last two years, the song touches upon themes of self-reliance, identity, self-development and community, themes that hardcore stands for widely across the globe, while addressing the growing menace of majoritarianism and cult leader politics of the current world.

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